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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 7, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PST

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and happening right now, market street in san francisco is wet. not because of the weather. water is falling from the top of the building. this is right at the corner of market and kearney. no word what is causing this bush gush of water. we have a crew on the way to the scene. >> good morning, everyone. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm peggy bunker. in the meantime new details about the todder will tossed from a two-story apartment to esz ca escape a fire that was blazing.
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he is doing just fine. >> christie smith is outside of the apartment complex that caught fire. christie, maurice is now the neighborhood celebrity. >> yes, he is in remarkably good shape and spirits. i just spoke with his mom and she said it was that window from the right. all of this because there was no way out. the unit was on fire. firefighters tell me it was a kitchen fire and now the unit is a total loss. >> how old are you? >> three. >> he has a lot to smile about after a frightening or deal. his grandparents apartment caught fire, and the only way out was a second story window. >> she heard my step dad saying
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get the baby, and she dropped him and he caught him. >> she caught maurice sideways. they all had to jump. now he has turned into the darling of the neighborhood. have you ever seen this much commotion. >> can you smile for me? >> his grandmother suffered a fractured pelvis. neighbors that tried to help said smoke poured from the unit. >> someone was crying saying help, help, help the baby. that was horrific for me. >> tears were shed, but he made it out without a scratch. >> we're glad you're okay. >> say thank you. >> now hours after maurice's fame escaped that fire, a second
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fire started right around the corner from where we're standing. the carport for another kpar apartment complex was on fire, nine cars were destroyed. despite the timing they don't think they are related at all, but the second is suspicious. now back here live, i did just ask maurice are you clear on what happened? and he said yeah, i fell from the window. and i said were you scared and he said yes. right now he is playing and trying to get back to normal. not a scratch on him. live in hayward, nbc christie smith. >> the smile on him, are you kidding, he is so cute. >> that is just wonderful. >> arson investigators are picking through a different home that burned down overnight.
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>> the fire started just before 4:00. st started in a small structure in the bag, and then into the home. the shed collapsed. two people were critically burned. investigators say they escaped through the garage. you see the firemen cutting the bars hope. they have release levers on the inside. it didn't take long before they declared the house a crime scene. >> they didn't give any specific reasons why it has become a crime scene. they did prior, the arson unit came and interviewed the two patients that were transported. so something must have changed. >> the cause of the fireñr remas under investigation. now to the developing story in ukraine, president obama called russian president
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vladimir putin for their secondó talk. crimea mans to decide whether to join the russian federation or remain part of ukraine. >> president obama reached out to president putin at the end of a very busy thursday that ended in the parliament voting for them to recede from the ukraine. it was their second long call in sixth days. . it lasted about an hour, but there is still a gulp between the two leaders for how to relieve the crisis. putin is saying the government in kiev is completely unconstitutional. today, a statement was released ta whi a statement that while the
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suicides were far apart, they will not be changed over one major issue. back to you. a los angeles police officer has been killed, and another critically injured when their cruiser was struck by a big rig. both officers were assigned to the hollywood division. the truck driver may have lost control and plowed his vehicle into the cruiser. >> two san jose men face a laundry list of charges robbing so many stores in a short period of time. they're calling them the can't stop won't stop bandits. >> he just went over the backyard fence. >> the two suspects are suspected of robbing 20 liquor stores in a two month span.
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a police chase was caught here on sheriff's helicopter camera. it happened last week and we just got video and details of the arrest. one of the suspects is accused of firing a warning shot into the ceiling of a corner store in san jose. their last suspected crime before getting caught was robbing a liquor store. >> he said he had like a mask on, but i could see the guy, and he said just give me the money. >> police think they used the gun. it was used in the robberiesed that been stolen during a home burglary. >> at 11:07, this just in. the mother who drove her mini van into the ocean with her three children strapped inside. a bystander took this video
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earlier in the weekend. the children were rescued and not seriously hurt. they say she tried to stop the rescuers from taking her children. she told her kids to close their eyes and go to sleep because she was taking them to a better place. oscar pistorius' ex-girlfriend testified about him today. >> dramatic testimony here. a bombshell witness. >> do you know if he owned a gun in your relationship? >> yes. >> samantha taylor, his ex-girlfriend, they dated between 2011 and 2012, and she really opened up on the stand talking about oscar pistorius' love of guns and that he brought it with him everywhere. >> have you seen him be anxious?
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>> she talked about his temper. that when he screams, he screams like a man, not a woman. she said that's not true, and she also says that he cheated on her with reeva steenkamp, the girlfriend that he ultimately shot and killed. she has been on the stand, very emotional. she cried several times and they had to stop court her testimony was so powerful. when she took first the stand, oscar was stoic. he was writing a lot of notes, passing them to his defense team. and once again, a bombshell day of testimony to complete this first week in the oscar pistorius murder trial. and new at 11:00 south bay lawmakers unveiling new
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legislation after a bay area bullying case that led to a teenager's suicide. bob redell now has details on audr audrey's law. the three boys accused of suffering audrey todd and bullying her received what some say was an extremely light seasons, just 30 to 45 days in juvenile hall. this new law would change that. here in the saratoga library, jim bell announced a new bill he will be introducing in sacramento that is designed to punish those kind of crimes more severely. it was about a year and a half ago when pott was assaulted by three classmates at a party. she was so ashamed, she
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committed suicide. >> audrey is gone. we're here today to see if we can make some sense out of her senseless death. >> we don't want to lose any more of our children to this epidemic. >> that was sheila pott speaking alongside the senator and jeff rosen. if passed, it will strengthen the cyber bullying laws. right now there is no rule about sharing sexually explicit photos of a minor with the intent to bully. and now that person could be charged as an adult. in the audrey pott case, they were tried as juveniles. they were tried out of the public arena to protect their
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privacy. that made the trial even more brutal to bare according to audrey's mom. >> to witness the great protections provided to the perpetrators in this case. their crimes were vailed in secrecy. >> no means no. unconsciousness means no. mental disability means no. intoxication means no. >> also known as audrey's law still must go through committee. senator jim belle, the sponsor in the senate says he has a sponsor in the attemptably. reporting live here in saratoga, bob redell. thank you. still to come, new rules on frequent flier milers. how to take advantage of the changes. plus abay area company makes
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their wall street debut. >> here on this friday things are warming up nicely. we're headed to the 70s today and warmer for the upcoming weekend. we'll talk about that and the chance of rain coming up in the full forecast.
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welcome back this morning. the city of pleasanton getting read for for the sale of safeway. there is close to 2600 people works at safeway grocery stores and the company headquarters in pleasanton alone. the mayor says he was surprised by yesterday's announcement and it setting up meetings between safeway and the parent company of albertson's to see what can be done to soften the blow to the local economy. so what does the merger mean to
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everyone involved? for the employees that will be negotiating a new contract later this year, jobs could be on the line. for shoppers, the sale could mean lower prices if executives pledge to pass on savings to the consumer. analysts and customers, however, not so confident. >> they low pressure appropriwie stores. >> definitely the prices will go up, i'm sure of that. in most mergers that's usually the case. >> i don't know what that means for the prices. i see them going down a little bit. >> when you take two companies like that and bring them together who knows. >> the merger is far from being a done deal. safeway has a few days to try to find a better offer. there is anti-trust proceedings that need to happen as well. a staggering start for
11:17 am, the stock is up 80% in the first day of training. they rang the opening bell on the stock exchange this morning. has been around for better than a decade but waited until this week to ipo. it's been a long time since we have seen a company with dot com in it's name, and unlike the ones of old, they don't make a profit. follow up continues over changes in the way that consumers can earn and redeem their air miles. some travel experts are offering ideas on how to fight back. >> airline reward programs are having a crisis of credibility, a survey by middle most trust their bank, cable, and telephone companies more than their airline reward
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companies. >> this could really, really nix the earning value for the leisure traveler. >> based on how much you spend rather than how far you fly. that's why travel experts suggest you figure out now other ways to earn oo. >> rewards programs are not just about earning miles any more, it's about earning dollars for airlines, hotels, and many other things. >> that means credit cards and travel websites that offer royalty rewards can be more effective at accumulating points and are not as restrictive. >> you're able to use your rewards to book hotels any time of year. >> they also are considering giving points ifs more more than just flying. >> so even if you don't want to redeem for flights you can
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maximize your miles. >> these changes mean air miles will lose value quicker than ever now. nbc news. thank you, chris. members of a local national guard unit states in afghanistan are spending their first full day back at home today. >> these stories always make me cry. 113 members that were based in san jose returned home today. he told us wife he would be home this weekend, but he showed up yesterday at her job in saratoga. the couple as a 4-year-old daughter and a 6-year-old son. jones is home after a 10 month deployment in afghanistan. his boss was in on that as well. telling her she had to work late. >> i can't wait to get out and enjoy this. sunshine across the board today. from the san francisco sky cam, just a few high, thin clouds,
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and that flag there is barely moving, high pressure really starting to take hold of the bay area. they have calmed down a little bit. close to 60 degrees in san francisco, let's show you what it's liking like here in san jose. overall lots of sunshine expected. filtered sunshine through the afternoon hours. temperatures will start to soar by 1:00 or 2:00, that's when we'll get back to the 70s. so places in the south bay also expecting temperatures in the 70s today. san jose right at 70, 68 in palo alto, san francisco mid 60s, and in the north bay 70s for napa and santa rosa. east bay and tri-valley clocking
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in near 70 degrees. as we go through the day tomorrow, even warmer. mid-70s for places like the tri-valley and south bay. here is the thing as we head toward sunday another storm system is expected to approach the coast. it looks like we will be dealing with a few showers and one more thing to leave you with, saturday, tomorrow night, fast forward those clocks one our. the new sunrise will be at 7:30, and sunset at 7:10. you really can't argue with a forecast like this. >> sure can't. >> check your smoke alarms as well. >> still ahead, a celebrity sighting last night.
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a familiar face dropped the ceremonial puck at shark tank last night. >> it's polina edmunds, she had the honors. as for the game it was a good one the sharks down, and they tie it up right there with that 16th goal of the season. joe thorton comes down, scores again, the sharks beat the penguins 5-3. a successful game. a lot of people love a glass of milk and a couple cookies. but what about a cookie that is the class? >> he molds cookie dough into the shape of a shot glass, he
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fills it with milk. so a backpacker gets lost down under, but wait until you hear what he ate to survive. woah, this kitchen is beautiful!
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give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room?
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we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. we end with a rather incredible story of survival. a backpacker missing in the australian outback survived by eating flies. >> he set out on a 56 mile walk in queensland. he got lost and became stranded by flooding along the way. eventually a driver noticed the backpacker and drove him to a near by town. the few snacks quickly ran out so he ate flies. >> he was hungry and fast. >> thank you for joining us, everyone. have a great weekend. ♪
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